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Cryptocurrency Trading platforms
May, 2018

Welcome to the cryptocurrency trading selector. Take a moment to check out the various platforms: some are great for beginners, while others are better for experts.

To help you find the right platform, please answer these questions.

  • I want investment safety and regulation more than privacy. YESNO
  • My trading skills are: GOODBEGINNER

WARNING: all trading involves risk. Never trade money you can't afford to lose.

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Looking for more? Check out these.

What exactly is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency refers to a virtual currency, which may be like money but can also refer to applications and even operating systems. When people refer to 'cryptocurrency', they're usually referring to a currency (such as Bitcoin) but also the platform that regulates the currency. This is known as the blockchain.

For example: Ethereum's coin is known as an ether. The 'currency' is really Ether; the platform is Ethereum.

Why use cryptocurrency?

Though cryptocurrencies vary, they are generally known to be very, very secure and with a high focus on privacy and sometimes anonymity. Because it's not regulated by a particular country, it makes international payments fast, cheap, and secure.

Blockchain technology is also pushing us quickly into the future. More and more applications - from payment systems to content creation platforms - are utilizing the blockchain.

How do I trade cryptocurrency?

That’s why we’re here. Check out the exchanges above, based on the questions you answered on this page. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll find the right exchange for you: some offer lots of different coins, while some are more limited.

At the same time, some will take lots of payment types and others won’t. It’s really all about finding the right fit for your needs.

There are so many cryptocurrencies. Which ones are the best?

To decide on which cryptocurrency is 'best', you have to know what you want: they're each good at different things. But the most well-known (and also most valuable) cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin.

When considering cryptocurrencies, look at what it was designed to do, how much it is worth now, and when it was first released.

Why should I buy cryptocurrency?

Again, this depends on what you're looking for: but many financial experts believe them to represent the financial systems of the future.

Clearly, they're also highly profitable: at the start of 2018, a single Bitcoin was worth close to US$20,000. As new coins enter the market, there’s always the possibility that you’ll invest early in ‘the next Bitcoin.’

Do people actually use cryptocurrency?

Yes! Take Bitcoin. Millions of dollars’ worth of Bitcoin are traded every day.

Lots of companies (from online stores to actual, physical shops) accept a range of cryptocurrencies as forms of payment. Other cryptocurrencies are being used without you even knowing it: because the underlying technology is being used by a range of institutions, it’s possible you’ve used the blockchain when you’ve sent payments via your bank or submitted details to a number organizations.